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Ways to Work Together


My 1:1 coaching program is designed for women in tech looking for support in career planning and in enhancing growth and happiness in their career. I’m here to help you reconnect with just how amazing and qualified you are, so you can start showing up with confidence and leverage your skills towards a career and work you’re passionate about.

Often, my clients are women working in tech who don’t feel good about themselves or their work, and want to show up differently in their careers. 

But for each of my clients who’s felt that way, the truth is they’ve been incredibly talented, hard-working, and worthy of their role. Their biggest roadblock: they don’t believe in themselves. 

Just thinking about work ties my stomach in knots

I’ve considered a lot of next steps for my career, but they all feel out of reach

I feel like I'm constantly underperforming, leading to longer work hours and more stress

I’m so tired when I get home from work, I can’t even decide what to make for dinner

I dread going to sleep at night because when I wake up I’ll have to go to work again

Any of these thoughts sound familiar?

1:1 career coaching will help you break through everything holding you back from cultivating the
life and career you truly want.

Envision and define your dream future and career

Create a clear, long-term plan with actionable steps and concrete career goals

Build healthy habits and coping mechanisms that defuse anxiety and keep you motivated

Discover your superpowers and leverage them towards more fun and success at work

Learn to communicate authentically yet effectively with coworkers and managers

Together we will...

• 2-4 private coaching sessions a month via phone or Zoom (50 min) 
• Custom exercises to rewire your brain & implement the learnings
• Email support and accountability in between sessions

Investment: $150 per session
$400 for discounted package of 3 sessions
Sliding scale available for students

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What's included


My two-week “Own Your Worth at Work” workshop intensive is designed for women in technology who want to stop playing small, take control of their careers, and start showing up authentically with confidence, self-belief, and self-trust. 

'own your worth at work' intensive

Constantly worry you’re underperforming, despite positive performance reviews?

Doubt every decision you make at work?

Feel terrified to interview, because you’re sure they’ll see how bad you are?

Always compare yourself to your coworkers and conclude that you don’t measure up?

Do you...

My two-week intensive is designed to teach you to uncover, believe, and communicate the skills that make you valuable (trust me, you have plenty.)

Identify and learn to leverage your marketable skills and superpowers
(aka what you do better than anyone else)

Breakthrough the barriers keeping you from communicating & using your skills

Work through daily activities to take you from questioning your skills to feeling 100% worthy

Acquire the self-promotion skills and mindset to be able to bring your best to your team and crush your presentations, interviews, raise requests, and more

Learn to walk into interviews, big meetings, and performance reviews with your head held high, ready to clearly communicate your worth, and get the results you deserve.

Together we will...

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What's included

• 1 private coaching session via phone or Zoom (50 minutes)
• Two weeks of custom daily exercises to rewire your brain & implement the learnings 
• Email support and accountability

Investment: $500
Sliding scale available for students


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